For too long, the big issues facing Alaska have not been resolved in Juneau.
— Albert Fogle


Anchorage is in the midst of a crime wave - including burglary, theft and even murder - which looks to be partially the result of legislation passed in 2016. We need to repeal sections of SB 91 or even repeal the entire legislation and start over. We need stronger provisions in law that allow police officers to get criminals off our streets. Alaska's statistics for rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, and substance abuse are among the highest (per capita) in the nation. This is unacceptable.


Lower the cost of Healthcare and Health Insurance for Employers and Families through creation of a Reinsurance Pool. 

Resource Development

Maximize the state’s resource development efforts to provide good paying careers for Alaskans and fight economic stagnation and job losses. This is in our State Constitution!!

Economic Opportunity

Setting policies that give businesses a stable working environment where economic opportunity can be expanded to ALL Alaskans. I believe many social ills result from a lack of economic opportunity. Alaskans need hope, encouragement, and the belief that they are not being left behind.


 I do not believe we need a state income tax. We must fund our government by making the necessary cuts to government, eliminating redundancies, lowering the State’s healthcare costs and expanding business and industry in order to expand our tax base.

Reducing the Size of Government and Government Waste

State government has grown at an unsustainable pace. We need to focus on the core essential functions of government; Public Safety, Infrastructure, Education and Economic Opportunity.